Counting today, there are only six more shopping days until Christmas.  The final week of shopping is always fun as "the clock is ticking". But what is really fun are the final hours of shopping.  That's when I go out and just watch all the frenzied people purchase those last minute gifts. Most people seem to put a shopping game plan together, but on Christmas Eve that game plan usually turns into a "Hail-Mary pass".

For me, I enjoy going out on Christmas Eve to purchase that last remaining gift. And who is that gift for you ask?  Well, it's for me!.  That's right, once I take care of everyone on my list I then take care of myself. I have done this for years.

Having perused the shopping outlets, I keep an eye out for something I would like and hopefully it is still there on December 24. If not, I go after my second choice. If that choice is not there anymore, then it was not meant to be. Because remember giving is much better than getting, even if it is for yourself!

Merry Christmas and happy shopping!

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