The last couple of days have seen plenty of school cancellations thanks to the winter weather in the area and compounded by icy road conditions. Just when I thought I read the entire school cancellation list on the air, yet another cancellation was handed to me. It read as follows: "The Junior High classes at our Nation's Capitol have been cancelled so no school for Donald Trump and Nancy Pelosi". I thought both were past the senior high level, but I must be wrong.  First of all, lets see why they are still in Junior High School.

Well, there was that time when Mr. Trump clipped Ms. Pelosi's wings by denying her access to a government plane for a "fact-finding" trip to the Middle East.  Then there was Pelosi's response of not allowing Mr. Trump to deliver his State of The Union speech in the House chambers.

What's next? Will Trump hide Pelosi's milk with her cookies in the House lunchroom?  Will Speaker Pelosi steal a few pages from Mr. Trump's State of The Union speech and make a paper airplane out of it reminding the President of what he did? God only knows what is next. Just like God only knows what is next for any Junior High School student.

Growing up is difficult, but is it really this difficult Mr. Trump and Ms. Pelosi?  Americans watching these juvenile actions don't need to know what the state of our union is.  They already know!

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