You'd be surprised what you can see in your own backyard on a clear night in Missouri. This assumes you have the right equipment like an amateur Missouri astronomer who just shared a truly epic up-close view of the moon.

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According to the timestamp on the video, this was captured Saturday night somewhere in Missouri. You likely won't ever see the moon closer than this unless you become an astronaut some day.

They listed the equipment they used for this sweet video:

11" cpc 1100 telescope using a ZWO ASI462MC camera

For the record, that's a Celestron telescope which goes for around $4,000. It was mounted with what's known as a planetary camera which can be grabbed on Amazon for a few hundred dollars.

So many things have to go right to get clear video of the moon like this. The chilly night weather and a clear sky goes a long way to giving you the atmosphere you need for a great moon shot like this.

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