A woman at a restaurant in the Show-Me State of Missouri did something that is truly despicable, and we need to spread the word about how truly awful it is so that it never happens again.

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Let me start by saying there are a lot of bad things happening in the world right now, the world needs good people doing good things, and this is a story about what not to do ever.

According to an article from KMOV.com, a woman at a restaurant in Pacific, Missouri (a small town Southwest of downtown St. Louis) has been accused of placing a bug on her plate and refusing to pay. In the article they say...

"In a social media post Thursday, El Agave Pacific wrote that someone claimed to find a bug in the last few bites of their meal and decided to bad mouth the restaurant. The restaurant wrote that the server went to get a manager and the woman left without paying...According to the restaurant, surveillance video showed the woman getting the bug from her purse and putting it on her plate. The restaurant said the bill was for $31."

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If this woman actually did this, that is pretty awful and so disgustingly low, to bring a bug with you into the restaurant knowing you are going to plant it to get a free meal is just so pathetic and low. These restaurants have so many employees and their reputations are on the line, for you to not only plant that bug to get a free meal but to go online and badmouth them on top of it when you know what you did is just awful.

Don't be that person ever, please.

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