Diners are amazing, where else can you go where the server knows your name, are open late, open early, have breakfast, ice cream, burgers, and you can get it all for cheap! One website says they found the best diner in the Land of Lincoln and their menu backs up their claim.

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According to rd.com (Reader's Digest), the best diner in the state of Illinois is none other than Charlie Parker's Diner in Springfield! Reader's Digest did an entire list claiming they found the best diner in each state and Charlier Parker's took the top prize in IL, on their website they say...

"Free pancakes? You can get ’em at Charlie Parker’s…but only if you finish the whole stack, and trust us, they’re about the size of your average pizza. If you aren’t up for a major carb coma next time you’re in Springfield, ask for the Horseshoe, an Illinois specialty consisting of an English muffin covered in hash browns, bacon, sausage gravy, and cheese sauce."

To see the complete list of diners just click here!

I went to Charlie Parker's Website to learn more and found out that they have been featured on Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives, also they have an incredible menu that has items like a Chili Cheese Omelet, the Cowboy Burger, and of course, those massive pancakes that Reader's Digest mentioned called the Four Stack of Giant Pancakes 4 16" pancakes. To see more check out their website by clicking here!

I have never been to Charlie Parker's but I think this summer I might have to brave the gas prices and make the hour and a half drive to Springfield from Quincy to dive head first into those pancakes!

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