A high school in southern Missouri has seen enough and they are banning smartwatches and cellphones on campus, the rules are strict and they make you wonder...is this a good idea? Should more schools follow their lead?

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According to an article from fox2now.com, cellphones and smartwatches are now officially banned at Charleston High School in Charleston, Missouri (which is just south of Cape Girardeau, Missouri). The article goes on to say...

"...students are being asked to not bring their phones to school or check their devices in with the administrative office. The student can pick their phone up at the end of each school day...If a student opts out of either option and brings their phone to campus, it must be kept out of sight for the whole school day. School employees will confiscate students’ phones if they’re seen and the parent or guardian will be required to pick the device up."

The article goes on to say that if a parent or guardian needs to get a hold of a student they will simply have to call the school and go through that route, to read the full article click here! 

So the question gets asked is this a good idea? Well for this school it sounds like it might be, the article says that the school was having issues with inappropriate photos being taken and shared, along with cellphone use in bathrooms, and locker rooms. I will just say that I had a cellphone when I was in school (granted it was a flip phone...BUT) and I never had an issue with having to have the phone off in class and not using the cellphone, but I understand times have changed and phones are way more a part of a person now than ever before. I will say that schools aren't daycares, they have to have standards, work has to be done, and they have an obligation to every student to create a work environment where everyone feels supported and if there are inappropriate things happening with phones then the students losing the privilege of using their phones during the day probably should be taken away.

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