Last night on the 2017 Billboard Music Awards, Celine Dion sang her mega hit "My Heart Will Go On." We all know that it was in the movie Titanic, which came out 20 years ago. What other movies are turning 20 this year, see the list.

1) Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery - we are introduced to Austin Powers (played by Mike Myers) as we follow him shagging his way to solving mysteries. Remember "danger" is his middle name.

2) Men In Black - No one knew of Division Six and aliens until Agent Jay & Agent Kay. This movie is the reason I got a Pug (named Pugsley) he doesn't talk though. Fun Fact: Chris O'Donnell turned down the role to play Agent Jay, which then went to Will Smith.

3) My Best Friend's Wedding - Who didn't fall in love with this movie. Guy and girl are best friends. Guy gets engaged, girl realizes she loves him and tries to break up the wedding. Your typical 90's romantic comedy movie.

4) Romy and Michele's High School Reunion - We all dread our 20-year high school reunion (mines slowly approaching). Before you attend yours, you might want to watch this and find out what not to do at your reunion.

5) Titanic - The winner of several awards, has one of the biggest songs ever recorded and is number five on the highest grossing movie of all time list. I still say there was plenty of room on that door for Jack to get on.

Other movies turning 20 include, Speed 2: Cruise Control, Good Burger, The Lost World: Jurassic Park, Selena, I Know What You Did Last Summer and many more.

Which movie was your favorite?

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