They've been doing this for four years now (that's where the "4th Annual" part comes in) and this year's event looks to be the best yet. It's the 4th Annual Local Area Musicians Charity Concert and it's set for Friday, January 25th.  This is an event that benefits the local Leaps Of Love organization.  Last year's show raised over $4000 and they'd love to beat that this year.

Technically, this is a two-day event.    Although the concert starts Friday night, it will continue the better part of the day on Saturday too.  Cost is $7 at the door.  Doors open at 6pm on Friday and 12 noon on Saturday at Turner Hall.  Here's the linup of bands according to the event Facebook page:


7:00 - Somewhere in Between

8:00 - Busey's Helmet

9:00 - NOCEBO

10:00 - Against All Odds


1:00 - Cadillac Ranch

2:00 - NOWAKE

3:00 - Harlot

4:00 - Further Ado

5:00 - Part Time Gypsys

6:00 - Big Deal

7:00 - The Young Gunz Band

8:00 - LOGOS

10:00 - Man The Machine

Acoustic acts thru the day from artists:

Cheek McGee

Brian Garrett

Alex Kendall

Kevin Kendall

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