Living in Quincy, I've always said, it's a great place to get married and raise a family. But we've all gotten plenty of questions from "outsiders" that have definitely left me looking like a deer in the headlights. Here are a few of my favorites.

Is that by Chicago?

Sure, if you think being five hours away is close, then yes we are close to Chicago.

Isn't a Maid-Rite the same as a Sloppy Joe?

NO!!! Never go into Maid-Rite and order a "Sloppy Joe". There is no sauce in a maid-rite, that's the difference.

Oh, do you know [some other person in Quincy that they know]?

Probably not. Here's a crazy concept: I don't know all 44,000 people in Quincy. I know you are shocked!

What time zone is that?

Maybe not a FREQUENTLY asked question, but I was totally asked this on a recent trip to Chicago. I am not kidding. I truly didn't know how to respond.

Is there anything to do there?

I don't live on a island in the middle of no where, there is something going almost every weekend.

Do you live on a farm?

I don't. Some people do, but I don't. Most of us don't actually. Next question.

That's really close to the Mississippi. Does your house flood when it rains?

I mean, maybe if the pipes back up or something. But you know most of our houses aren't actually ON the river, right?

Quincy, huh? That a big college town?

There's a college here, if that's what you're asking. But we're not a "college town".

How long it take you to drive here?

What is it with your constant fascination with my commute time? I didn't time myself. I'll be sure to next time.

Where is that?

Illinois on the river. Two hours north of St. Louis. The pregnant belly of Illinois. "By Springfield" (kind of). I don't know, get a map and look it up!


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